2015: Understanding Ageing – Round up


This year, The Society’s Theme was ‘Understanding Ageing’ to help raise the profile of physiological research into ageing and degeneration.

As a population we are getting older. Researchers predict that by 2050, in the UK, one in four people will be over 65 years old, as opposed to the current one in six*. an ageing society presents many challenges. The Physiological Society recognises the importance of tackling these challenges, and The Physiological Society’s Members are working hard to elucidate the mechanisms behind ageing and its impact on our body and brain.

Over the year, The Society has engaged in activities across all our teams:

Education and Outreach

As part of our themed year, The Society investigated the physiology of ageing through our education and outreach activities. We hosted a number of public lectures and debates including ‘Space Flight: a model for Human Ageing?’, ‘Forever Young, can we cure ageing?’, ‘The Living Brain’, and ‘Eat Less, Live Longer?’. We also developed hands on activities to encourage members of the public and school children to discuss the topic whilst measuring their muscle strength, memory and reaction rates. The ‘Age Experiments’ made appearances at The Big Bang Fair Birmingham, Big Bang Doncaster, Cheltenham Science Festival, and popped up in Queens Arcade, Cardiff. We sent participants home with their very own reaction rulers so they could get their family, friends, teachers and colleagues involved with our experiments.

As well as festivals and fairs we supported two Night at The Vet College events themed ‘Reproduction’ and ‘Growing up’ which looked at ageing from a different perspective focusing on animals in different stages of life and sponsored the Ageing Zone in ‘I’m a Scientist! Get me out of here!’.


The Journal of Physiology will be publishing two special issues in early 2016 covering the subject of ageing. The first issue will be entitled ‘Cardiovascular and Skeletal Muscle Ageing – Consequences for Longevity’ and the second will focus on the neuroscience of ageing.’

Experimental Physiology compiled a Virtual issue of recent articles related to the subject of Ageing and Degeneration.

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