Winner of the ‘Women in Physiology’ competition receives prize visit from Bristol researcher

Earlier this year, 15-year-old Elsie Moore, from The Thomas Hardye School in Dorset, won our ‘Women in Physiology’ competition earlier this year. This competition was just one of the activities The Society held to mark 100 years of women’s membership in 2015. Winning with her poster on Nobel Prize winner Dr Christiane Nüsslein-Volhard, Elsie received a certificate, £50 Amazon gift voucher and a visit from a female physiologist to her school.

With the help of ScienceGrrl, a broad-based grassroots organisation celebrating and supporting women in science, we were able to arrange a visit from Dr Carmen Coxon, Research Assistant at the University of Bristol, to The Thomas Hardye School on 14 October 2015. During her visit, Carmen gave a lecture to their year 12 and 13 students, as well as a talk on the heart involving demonstrations with an electrocardiogram for Elsie’s class.

There was also one final – special – prize for Elsie, revealed only on the day itself: a personal message from Christiane Nüsslein-Volhard, written on the poster and presented to Elsie by Headteacher Michael Foley (pictured).

Judith Wardlaw, Industry Partnership Development Manager at the school, said, ‘The day was fabulous – Carmen was truly brilliant with the students and her talks and demos were a real treat. Thank you so much for giving us this link as well as for arranging the special message.’

We would like to thank Carmen for providing this prize visit as well as ScienceGrrl and The Thomas Hardye School for their assistance with arranging it.

Further details about the competition are available at

This article was published in Physiology News 101.

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