Behind the scenes of #BioBake-Off

The winning trio of the “Public vote” share their experience of this year’s #Biobakes competition.


Taking part in the Biology themed Bake Off competition was an immensely enjoyable experience.

Our journey from Brain to ‘Bun’ began a week prior to our intense baking session, where the three of us sat together brainstorm aloud several biology-related ideas. Initially we considered creating a brain themed bake, before progressing onto discussing the pros and cons of a cross section of a motor neuron (complete with electrical impulses!) However, when Caitlin suggested the idea of creating a cross-section of a womb with a foetus inside, we all set about rapidly developing the idea. We researched the different stages of foetal development, and after raiding our biology classroom for every biological model we could find, we came to our decision.

The day of the bake arrived, and we worked in shifts over the course of three and a half hours to in our school’s cookery room to complete the final product. Ella researched the recipe for our Victoria Sponge, Caitlin drew up annotated diagrams on the board of what we envisioned our cakes to look like (rather like the preview on Bake Off!) and Laura, our own Mary Berry, set about measuring out our ingredients, having been in charge of purchasing a few nights before hand. It was choosing which fondant that had particularly that worried her, as our foetus was to be our centrepiece of our entry.

However, the atmosphere in the cookery room was a very happy one, as we worked alongside our other entrants from our school, sharing ingredients and jokes as we worked. There was a brief moment of drama when we discovered that we had run out of eggs for our cupcakes, but after a quick emergency shopping trip, we were back on track. The most enjoyable part of the process (with the exception of eating the leftovers!) was working together when decorating the cake. It was so exciting to finally see our creation coming to ‘life’, and when our teacher Mrs Chambers had to pop out for a moment, for safety reasons she called out to check we didn’t “have a bun in the oven” before she left, giving us the perfect name for our cakes!

Thank you to everyone who voted for our cakes, we are so grateful for all of your support.

by Laura, Caitlin and Ella, Greenacre School for Girls

“Bun in the Oven” depicting the development of the foetus at 3 and 7 months won the Public’s heart in the national vote.

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