Five things having a career break has taught me

A great interview about how to get back into research after a career break. PhySoc has funding of up to £10,000 available for a 12-month period, to support physiologists in their first permanent academic position or returning to a permanent position after a career break. Find out more here 

Biochemical Society

By Marjorie Gibbon, Daphne Jackson Fellow, University of Bath2015-11-09 13.06.02

After a 16 year break from my research career I am really enjoying the opportunity that my Daphne Jackson Fellowship has given me. Based at the University of Bath, my project is to investigate the effects of hyperglycaemia (an excess of glucose in the bloodstream) on the immune response. People with diabetes have an impaired immune response and this, as well as the many other complications, is thought to be the result of the uncontrolled binding of sugars to proteins. To study this I am developing an invertebrate model of hyperglycaemia, which can be used to study these damaged proteins.

Having a career break has its ups and downs and I have summarised the five top things I have learned from my experience below. I hope they will help inform and inspire others in my position.

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