As part of the activities for Physiology Friday (part of Biology Week), The Society launched its inaugural Bio-bodies baking competition. Members of the public were challenged to celebrate the human body by making a ‘biological bake’ and sending a picture of their ‘edible cells, organs and physiological delights’ to The Society via social media with the hashtag #biobakes.

With over 270 entries, the competition certainly sparked the imagination of the public. With such a large number of cakes, the top eleven entries were shortlisted before being put to a public vote. Over 4,000 votes were cast and the winner, 11-year old Abigayle Driscoll, was announced at 5pm on Physiology Friday.

The student at Colchester County High School for Girls took the Biobakes crown with her stunning lungs cake, and will receive a £50 Amazon voucher. Runners-up included a model of the human brain, and a birthday cake in the form of a cell.

Abigayle’s win was announced on Facebook and Twitter on Friday and has since been retweeted over 300 times, including a retweet from Scientific American.

Colchester County High School for Girls also sold all their biobakes to raise funds for the Tom Bowdidge Foundation, a local young persons’ cancer charity.

Many congratulations to Abigayle!

This article was published in Physiology News 97.

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